Our Customers

Why We’re Different

With our rapidly exanding category and product lines, BN.com has become the one-stop shopping destination for many of our loyal customers. It’s natural for them to purchase kitchen knives after purchasing a cookbook, or an art easel along with a Dora the Explorer coloring book.

An Engaged Consumer

A Savvy Shopper

Our Customers Are Loyal Because They Grow With Us

  • 1977 Simon and Yasmin Taylor’s favorite Barnes & Noble bookseller guided them to Dr. Spock selections as soon as he found out they were expecting.
  • 1987 Amber Taylor saved two week’s allowance to buy her first book, Judy Blume’s Superfudge, at her neighborhood Barnes & Noble bookstore.
  • 1999 Amber Studied for her MCATs with BN.com purchased study guides, and about 1,000 lattes, at her local Barnes & Noble cafe.
  • 2010 Amber rides the subway every morning catching up on the latest medical and world news on her NOOK.