How It Works

How it Works

  • You list your item on our marketplace for millions to see

  • A customer finds and purchases your product on

  • You ship the order directly to the customer

  • You receive payment from weekly

Tips for Success

  • Stay Up-to-Date Keep inventory and product quantities current and order cancellations at a minimum. High order defect rates will result in less frequent exposure for your products.
  • Provide Descriptive Product Details We want to streamline the process from product search to product purchase on Providing descriptive product detail is critical to ensuring customers have all the information needed to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Be Responsive Our customer service team will do their best to handle questions related to your products. We may occasionally need information from you to help guide customers through their purchase decisions/processes. When we do, please respond to inquiries from our customer service team within 24 hours or less.
  • Keep Selling! Building a sales history on is very important. Partners who maintain high levels of customer service and feedback AND who have a long track record of success will receive more opportunities for co-marketing and promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How will marketplace listings be integrated into the site?
A:Marketplace listings are integrated directly with other products.
Q:How long does it take to get listed?
A:Integration time varies depending on your internal resources. also provides integration support during the launch process. Some of our retail partners have launched in as little as 3 weeks.
Q:What are the data requirements?
A:Our goal is to make the browsing experience as intuitive as possible for our customers.  We therefore require that all products have some unique identifier such a UPC or ISBN.
Q:What is the payment process and timeframe?
A:Funds are settled to your bank account every week.
Q:Will marketplace sellers have access to customer information?
A:No, will control customer information.
Q:Does require product parity between the marketplace and a retailer’s site?
A:No, but most retailers list as many products as possible due to the low risk, high opportunity environment the marketplace offers.
Q:Who handles customer service? will handle most of the customer service directly. There may be instances where we'll need to involve the retailer (e.g. when a customer needs to initiate a return or if there are specific product questions the customer service team cannot answer).
Q:Do any third parties support Marketplace?
A:No, but we'll be evaluating opportunities with third party integrators in the future.