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The All-New BN.com Marketplace

Join the retailer who's been helping people explore their interests for personal growth, learning, escape, or just plain fun for decades. Sell your products with us to get access to:

  • Millions of Loyal B&N Members
  • 21 Million Monthly Unique Visitors
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The BN.com Customer Connection

Whether our customers are buying photography books, cookbooks, fiction or arts and crafts, we learn something new about them with each purchase on BN.com. What have we learned? Our customers want your products! Learn More

Why You’ll Succeed With Us

  • Team Work Since our category managers and merchandisers are credited equally for BN.com and marketplace sales, we have equal incentive to promote your products and ensure they are visible in search results.
  • Seller Support We take our reputation very seriously and only work with retailers who share that focus. This exclusivity affords our select partners a more personalized experience, including a dedicated Seller Relations team.

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    Movie Mars is a multi-channel retailer that has relationships with several marketplaces. In working with Barnes & Noble we have found their seller relations team [to be] one of the most responsive and attentive across all our marketplace partners. Daniel Yen, CEO of Movie Mars
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    Barnes & Noble is among the most widely recognized and trusted brands in retail and e-commerce. We are excited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire additional revenue among a more affluent customer base online. Michael Wagner, CEO of Right Start